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Every construction site is different and therefore brings with it very different requirements. This also applies to the power supply. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry and the market, we are very familiar with the various needs, parameters and regulations for the planning and installation of power distribution systems in the construction industry, and can serve them with our fully comprehensive product range.

Regardless of whether the construction site is small or large, WALTHER offers the right solution for every requirement! Our product portfolio includes various technical types of construction power distribution boards. These include connection cabinets, connection distributors, main or group distributors as well as distribution and final distribution cabinets. In addition, you can also obtain.

We can also supply you with suitable socket combinations, CEE plugs and socket-outlets, extension cables, cable bridges and cable drums, as well as solutions for optimum site lighting.

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charging solutions for construction sites
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Holistic concepts Hardware and software solutions


From planning to implementation - we always take a holistic view of power distribution on construction sites.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible support on the path to digitalisation, we also offer suitable software solutions to complement our comprehensive hardware range. With our smart software IPD basic Planner, all electrical and specialist planners receive a centralised and standardised industry solution. You can find out more under IPD software solution.


The advancing digitalisation of the construction industry poses special challenges for the entire sector. These include, for example, the constantly changing market and customer requirements, rapid technological change, as well as the expansion of the necessary infrastructure, but also the availability of skilled personnel and digital expertise.

However, digitalisation also offers many opportunities and possibilities. Digital solutions such as cloud and platform technologies, virtual reality or special software for networked planning, execution and management of buildings and structures (e.g. BIM) offer great potential. But also IoT solutions and devices that are intelligently networked with each other. This results in comprehensive advantages along the entire value chain. All processes and tasks are standardised and automated. Data and conditions are recorded digitally and in real time and can thus be accessed centrally at any time. This provides a reliable basis for decisions, improves cooperation and communication, reduces effort and costs, and increases transparency and efficiency. Many construction companies and planning offices have already recognised this and want to invest in digitalisation topics in the medium to long term.*
*source: PWC study 2020

construction site 4.0 future scenario