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Our quality standard

For us, quality management is a holistic management approach and manifests itself in all activities of the company. Thus, we not only aim at quality assurance, but above all at the continuous improvement of all processes, whether value-adding or supporting - always with the goal of maximum customer satisfaction.

Quality begins with the identification of customer and market needs and extends from product development (FMEA, APQP, etc.) along the entire life cycle of our products. The efficiency and effectiveness of all interfaces and processes must be measurable and thus controllable.

For us, this holistic quality management forms the foundation for a long-term and successful business relationship with all our partners.

For us, quality management means

  • Continuous quality assurance via the in-house testing laboratory

  • Continuous improvement of all processes

  • Maximum customer satisfaction

  • Identifying customer and market needs

  • Advanced quality planning in product development (APQP, FMEA etc.)

Certifications and approvals High standards across all product areas


Quality and safety are always our top priority. All WALTHER products have the most important test marks and certifications worldwide.

Our products are put through their paces in our in-house testing laboratory. This includes, for example, temperature and climate tests, splash water tests and the immersion bath, impact resistance tests, testing of mechanical load capacity and much more. In this way, we ensure that all products comply with normative requirements such as DIN 61439, IEC 60309 etc. We also carry out the majority of the certification processes for our products by the relevant testing institutes, such as those of the VDE, on our own company premises.

Since 2015, ISO 50001 certification has strengthened WALTHER-WERKE's integrated management system to improve energy efficiency. With the quality management standard DIN ISO 9001:2015, our quality management was certified by TÜV Süd for the first time in 2018. A recertification took place in 2021. We apply this standard consistently to all our product areas. For maximum customer satisfaction and highest product quality.


Our products have the most important test seals worldwide

Product tests in the in-house testing laboratory Using CEE NEO as an example


As part of VDE certification tests, our products are stressed beyond what is actually required and subjected to special tests.

The tests are made according to the parameters specified in the standard. The international standard IEC 60309-1/-2 (VDE 0623-1/-2) applies to our CEE plugs and sockets, such as the CEE NEO. This is an international standard for "plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial applications". This means that the standard applies specifically to plug devices that are essentially intended for industrial use indoors or outdoors, and are used at an ambient temperature that usually does not exceed the range of -25 °C to +40 °C.

Our NEO products are precisely and carefully tested in the testing laboratory with the highest quality to meet the diverse requirements in the robust everyday working environment.
Cold, heat, dirt, water and dust - NEO products are exposed to all these environmental conditions during numerous stress tests in the WALTHER-WERKE testing laboratory.

Before our NEO is subjected to the numerous tests, it is first subjected to an accelerated aging test in accordance with IEC 60309-1 / Para. 13 . Here, the NEO is stored in a heating oven at 80°C for 7 days: after this period, the test specimen must not show any damage, such as cracks or changes to the material.

This is followed by the humidity treatment according to IEC 60309-1 / Para. 18.5. At 25°C and a relative humidity of 95%, the NEO is also stored for 7 days in the so-called constant climate chamber. Even after this test, the product must not show any damage as defined by the standard specifications.

This is followed by further standard and individual tests such as: 

  • Electrical and mechanical load tests
  • IP tightness tests water and dust
  • Fire resistance with glow wire test
  • Behavior in use and other tests