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Innovative systems for flexible power distribution

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modular distributors


Modular distributors are a time and money-saving solution for providing consumers on construction sites with precisely the connections they need at all times. They have an extremely robust stainless steel housing and come in static and mobile versions for fixed and variable setups. Customisable deployment options for space-saving exchangeable modules means that the distributors offer tremendous flexibility.

The distributors themselves can be supplied up to 630 A with different installation widths, and are equipped with meters for direct measurement or converter measurement. Exchangeable modules in various installation widths are used for demand-led installations in the distributors. The fitting of the installation modules ranges from earthed sockets and NH strips to high-performance CEE sockets in many demand-led combinations. A Cu bus bar system (630 A) pre-installed at the factory ensures safe and reliable module contacting in the distributor.

At a glance

  • Superb flexibility thanks to space-saving exchangeable modules
  • Exchangeable options from earthed sockets and NH strips to CEE 5/125 A sockets 
  • Extremely robust housing
  • Cable exit flap can be recessed inwards, allowing cable exits even with closed doors
  • Generous connection spaces with removable panels for easy installation
  • Internal fastening points
  • Labyrinth forced air circulation to protect against condensation water
  • Robust, 3-point bar lock with pivoted handle and profile half-cylinder
  • Floor installation or mounting on ground bases for entrenching
  • Variable setup options for static distributors
  • Underframe full bath hot-dip galvanised, with welded struts and eyelets for ground nails on mobile distributors


Construction widths of static modular distributors for fixed setup

  • 868 mm
  • 1168 mm
  • 1568 mm
  • 1868 mm


Construction widths of mobile modular distributors for variable setup

  • 865 mm
  • 1265 mm
  • 1565 mm
  • 1670 mm
  • 1865 mm
  • 1970 mm

Exchangeable modules are available in the following construction widths:

  • 100 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 300 mm

Fitting summary for exchangeable modules