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Suspension-type socket combinations Correct and safe solutions for individual installation requirements


CEE-type socket combinations are managed and produced in accordance with the international standard for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies DIN EN 61439.
Each socket combination is wired ready for connection and is subjected to an individual unit test before being supplied with a testing log.

At a glance

  • For use wherever power distributors are needed but where wall mounting is not possible for spatial reasons
  • Versatile design options: earthed and CEE panel sockets up to 63A with corresponding circuit breakers and RCDs, RJ45 data sockets and 1/2" compressed air connections
  • Maximum installation space for SMC up to 2x9 SU
  • 2 hanging eyelets, 1 retaining handle
  • Easy installation with the 6005S01 chain set
Hanging socket combinationsHeight x Widht x Depth
Dimensions with air connection
6H0 / 6H1 / 6H2372 x 136 x 195 mm600 x 136 x 195 mm
6H3 / 6H4 / 6H5372 x 237 x 253 mm600 x 237 x 253 mm


Housing features

MaterialMaterial propertiesWall thicknessColourProtection categoryArea of application
PC / ABS (yellow / black)• high chemical resistance
• Silicone and halogen-free
• Lead and cadmiumfree
• UV-resistant
• Shock and impactproof
• UV-resistant
3-4 mmRAL 1016 yellow/
RAL 9005 black
IP44Industrial warehouses
Assembly and production facilities
NK / SBR mixture <br / of natural and styrenebutadiene rubber• Extremely robust
• Unbreakable
• Resistant to ageing, acids and alkalis
• Shock and impactproof
• UV-resistant
10 mmRAL 9005 blackIP67Construction sites
Heavy industry
PBT Valox• Very high chemical resistance
• Resistant to acids and alkalis
• silicone and halogenfree
• Lead and cadmiumfree
• shock and impactproof
• UV-resistant
3-4 mm RAL 7000 grey IP44Chemical industry
Food industry