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A broad portfolio for a wide range of requirements

industrial distributors
Energy bollards
wall socket combinations
suspension-type socket combinations
PROCON connectors

Wall socket combinations Correct and safe solutions for customised installation requirements


CEE-type socket combinations are managed and manufactured in accordance with the international standard for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, DIN EN 61439.
Each socket combination is wired ready for connection and is subjected to an individual unit test before being supplied with a testing log.


At a glance

  • Free from halogens and nitrosamines
  • Rapid and unique allocation thanks to numbered panel sockets and fuses
  • Full-surface, rectangular cover for the earthed socket made from Thermoplast with an opening angle of 180°
  • Locking of the front-flush, coloured transparent cover in the open position allows easy, single-handed operation
  • Push-out pre-embossed areas for top and bottom cable inlets
  • No impact or soiling edges thanks to recessed hinges
  • Unit tested in accordance with DIN EN 61439
  • Can be used in a temperature range -25°C to +40°Crei von Halogen und Nitrosaminen

Wall-mounted distributors

Hight x widht x depth

restamping above and below 

658 / 659237 x 125 x 124 mmM 20 / M 25
692237 x 183 x 151 mmM 25 / M 32 / M 40  
695  (Housings 691
und 696 flanged)
475 x 183 x 151 mmM 25 / M 32 / M 40
698370 x 183 x 151 mmM 25 / M 32 / M 40
682404 x 290 x 151 mmM 40 / M 50
689655 x 290 x 171 mmM 40 / M 50
685 (Housings 681
und 686 flanged)
809 x 290 x 171 mmM 40 / M 50

Multiple socket

Hight x width x depth

restamping above and below

50 / 651446 x 115 x 86 mmM 40 / M 50

Wall-mounted distributors


Wall distributors are available in the materials of plastic and solid rubber and in various housing sizes. The socket combinations are designed so that they can be connected to each other as often as required so as to accommodate any customer requirements with flexibility. In the largest size, cable cross-sections of up to 95 mm² can be connected. Even for applications involving chemicals and aggressive media, there are suitable solutions available.

Housing features

MaterialMaterial propertiesWall thicknessColourProtection categoryArea of application
PC / ABS (grey)• high chemical resistance
• Silicone and halogenfree
• highest flammability class acc. to V0, UL-tested
• Lead and cadmiumfree
• Shock and impactproof
• UV-resistant
3-4 mmRAL 7035 greyIP67Industrial warehouses,
Assembly and production facilities
mixture of natural and styrene-butadiene rubber
• Extremly robust
• unbreakable
• resistant to aging, acids and alkalis
• Shock and impactproof
• UV-resistant
10 mmRAL 9005 blackIP65Construction sites
Heavy industry
PBT Valox• Very high chemical resistance
• Resistant to acids and alkalis
• silicone and halogenfree
• Lead and cadmiumfree
• shock and impactproof
• UV-resistant
3-4 mm RAL 7000 grey IP67Chemical industry
Food industry

Accessories and special solutions


An extensive range of accessories and special solutions adds the final element to the WALTHER-WERKE product portfolio. This means that various static column versions made from stainless steel are also available for the installation of socket combinations outdoors, for example mobile units with wirelessly controlled change of rotation direction or mobile personal safety equipment as per DIN 14660.