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For different areas of application


CEE plugs and sockets are specially designed for industrial use under the harshest conditions and weather.
The WALTHER range of NEO CEE plugs and sockets offers the right solution for a wide variety of applications:
For industrial applications, on construction sites, as well as for the event and leisure sector.

Our CEE NEO product range includes: Plug, coupling, wall socket, attachment socket, attachment plug.


Highest functionality For maximum user benefit


NEO is more than just a plug. It is an innovative, optimised solution suitable for every requirement. NEO is characterised by a wealth of practical and innovative optimisations. The product line impresses with its patented one-touch locking system, safe and maintenance-free connection technology, screwless housing opening and user-friendly ergonomics.

Innovative. Unique. Award-winning.
In November 2020, the NEO One-Touch received the RLP Innovation Award in the category "Special Award Industry".



Product video - NEO plugs and sockets

The right solution for every requirement

Classic application


Traditional product design with external strain relief in the smallest possible size.

Professional application


Optimised for quickest assembly and reconnection, maximum operational safety. Internal, automatically activating strain relief.


Future-oriented application


Always one step ahead with NEO IPD. The intelligent CEE plug-in device developed for IoT applications.


All advantages at a glance

One-Touch closure system


  • Two working steps in one:
    Quarter turn connects front and rear part and automatically activates the internal strain relief in one operation
  • No material fatigue at the strain relief. Pull on the cable grips, unintentional pulling out of the cable is impossible at any time.


Screwless housing opening


  • Easy release of the locking mechanism

  • Intuitive user guidance

  • A push on the locking mechanism releases the connection between the front and rear parts of the plug

  • No wear with multiple use


Safe connection technology


  • Cage clamp (CAGE-CLAMP® from WAGO) enables screwless connection and saves time during assembly

  • Easy operation of the connection clamping levers and frequent reconnection.

  • Alternative: Screw connection with Torx drive. This ensures optimum power transmission and a longer service life of the screw heads.


Top quality and highest safety


Quality and safety are always our top priority.
All WALTHER products are made of high-quality, robust materials and have the most important test marks and certifications worldwide.
Quality assurance is carried out by our in-house test laboratory. Here we also put our NEO products through their paces.

The most important tests include:

  • Heat test - NEO is equipped with highly heat-resistant contact carriers.
  • Impact test and drop test to determine mechanical strength
  • IP protection type tests in splash chamber and immersion tank - NEO has the increased standard protection type IP 54
  • Ageing test in a heating oven
  • Environmental simulation tests in climatic chamber
  • Execution of tensile, compression and bending tests
  • And further tests ...

In this way, we ensure that all products comply with the normative specifications, such as DIN 61439, IEC 60309, etc.
We also carry out the majority of the certification processes for our products by the relevant testing institutes, such as the VDE, on our premises.