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More and more companies are relying on electromobility for pool vehicles and company cars. Customers, visitors and employees are also increasingly switching to electric vehicles and are dependent on charging options on the company premises. An intelligent and sustainable charging infrastructure for companies is therefore essential.

smartEVO 22 Allrounder for Industry and Commerce


  • Efficient charging and load management

  • Integration in energy management systems

  • Sustainable through software updates

  • Connection to smart meter gateways

  • Service and maintenance-friendly housing concept

  • Billable (without calibration law)

  • Backend connection

The wall box smartEVO 22 meets all the requirements for intelligent charging of electric cars in semi-public areas such as in company parking lots, hotels, fleets, etc. With its robust metal housing, it is ideally suited for safe operation in parking garages and outdoors. The latest charging technology and intelligent communication interfaces enable sustainable and cost-optimized operation for charging parks with up to 250 charging points.




With Powerline Communication (PLC) according to the international standard ISO 15118, the smartEVO 22 already supports the latest Plug & Charge technology and enables simple and convenient charging. An intelligent charging control makes the new wall box future-proof and with software updates it is always up-to-date with the latest technology. Also, the sustainable housing concept is convincing across the board: robust materials, service-friendly installation and flexible branding make the smartEVO 22 an all-rounder among wall boxes.

Powerline Communication (PLC)

The uniform communication interface (PLC) in accordance with the international ISO 15118 standard enables the Plug & Charge function for easy and convenient charging. If the electric vehicle also has intelligent Plug & Charge technology, its secure authentication and the control of the charging process can take place automatically.



Standardized communication protocols (e.g. EEBUS) and intelligent interfaces (e.g. Ethernet) enable connection to smart meter gateways (SMgW) and thus meet the requirements of network operators to control of charging stations - especially regarding the current developments of controllable consumption devices according to §14a EnWG.



The robust metal housing with lockable door enables user-friendly service and maintenance work and protects the intelligent technology from vandalism. Authenticated access is ensured with the laterally integrated RFID module and the LED status display. All DIN rail devices are installed on DIN top hat rails so that they can easily be replaced individually if necessary.




Standardized interfaces and an integrated modem make the smartEVO 22 a communication expert. These ensure intelligent, reliable networking between the vehicle, other charging points and higher-level systems. External dynamic load management (e.g. Dynamic Control) can be set up with an additional meter interface. Thus the available energy can be efficiently adapted to the overall power requirements and be optimally distributed to all electric vehicles to be charged.


As part of a charging system, the smartEVO can be connected to a load management system with up to 250 charging points. With an additional Modbus TCP meter interface, even a dynamic load management (e.g. Dynamic Control) can be set up.



Using the integrated communication interface OCPP 1.6, the smartEVO 22 can be integrated into established back-end systems and networked with further devices via building and energy management systems. Thanks to software updates, the wall box can always be brought up to date with the latest technology.



Using an external Modbus meter interface, a dynamic load management (e.g. Dynamic Control) can be set up via RTU or TCP communication. The availability of the charging power is adapted to the electrical demand. Load regulation is in precise 1 Ampere steps. Thus, the available energy is optimally distributed to all electric vehicles to be charged and load peaks are avoided.





All variants of the smartEVO 22 meet all requirements for increased electrical safety. Two-stage temperature monitoring, overvoltage protection as well as permanent contactor adhesive and PE monitoring offer additional protection for people, the vehicle and connected systems in the event of electrical faults. This means that charging is safe and reliable.


An integrated two-stage temperature monitoring ensures optimal availability of charging power. Level 1: If the temperature inside the charging station rises, the maximum available power is reduced to 11 kW.
Stage 2: If the temperature continues to rise, a temporary shutdown of the charging process is initiated.


Integrated surge protection prevents dangerous voltage damage to the vehicle, wall box and Ethernet interface. This means that the connected systems (e.g. energy management) are also protected against overvoltage. The permanent contactor adhesive (weld check) and PE monitoring prevent dangerous voltage on the vehicle.


All variants of the smartEVO 22 have a permanently installed DC residual current detection (6mA) and an integrated residual current circuit breaker RCD type A as standard.