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Walther-Werke - Electrical engineering since 1897

WALTHER-WERKE has over 100 years of experience and is the expert in low-voltage distribution. The group employs more than 350 people in the development, production and sales of CEE-type connections, socket combinations, industrial connectors, charging infrastructures for electromobility, power distributors and transformer stations. As a company with a global network, WALTHER-WERKE is represented through its products and services on all of the world's key markets.


Comprehensive system and charging infrastructure solutions

The WALTHER-WERKE range covers the entire set of products needed between the mains supply and the vehicle - from transformer substation, power distributor, charging stations, wall boxes and charging cables right up to the charging socket on the electric car. This product portfolio boasts three key features: future-focused technology, ergonomic functionality and appealing design. This makes it ideal for all applications, from private garages to public parking.


Intelligent systems for the demands of the future

Intelligent Power Distribution from WALTHER-WERKE allows a variety of functions to be supported in a single low-voltage distribution solution. Essentially, the challenge is to implement transparency, analysis and control options. To do this, electronic components based on Powerline, Bluetooth and GSM communications technologies were developed which transmit the system status to a specially developed cloud-based software interface, where the information can be processed.

CEE Next Generation

Maximum benefits for users with CEE Next Generation plug connections

Contact via optimised screw and spring-loaded terminals, connection of the front and rear parts of the plug in self-locating and quarter turn, and an easy-to-actuate strain relief all ensure a minimum amount of effort required in the manufacturing process and maximum product safety during operation. Robust housing design through a specific choice of materials and carefully thought-out geometries ensure a long product service life. Find out more about NEXT GENERATION ...


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WALTHER-WERKE at the electric industry's most important state trade fair.