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Coin-operated pay meter columns are power distributors for campsites and yacht harbours with various equipment options, such as lighting, water connections and billing systems.

Depending on the setup structure of the system, the coin-operated pay meter systems with the required main or sub-distributor can be equipped with up to 18 units. PSC metering cabinets, as well as distributor cabinets and power columns have a maximum of 4 CEE sockets with corresponding fuses.

Coin-operated meters have a separately lockable flap. The sockets are chosen via push buttons and a text display. They can also display the released and remaining times. Times for each coin can be easily defined by the operator behind the lockable flap.

technical equipment

  • Housing made from stainless steel (material 1.4301)
  • In bare / brushed or painted as per the RAL colour chart
  • Floor installation or mounting on ground bases for entrenching
  • Labyrinth forced air circulation to protect against condensation water
  • Coin checker for 1€/2€ coins and tokens
  • Protection category: IP44

Example fitting
WALTHER Pay meter column Part-Nr.: 82146001


1 junction box with 2 x 5 x 25 mm2 terminal strip for supply cable and cable loop

Output / fuses

1 switch disconnector with 3P 35 A D02 fuses
4 RCD protection switches 2P 25A/30mA -A-
4 circuit breakers (MCB) 1 P 16A -B-
4 electronic AC meters 32A -accredited-
4 CEE panel sockets 16A 3P 230V 6h

Control unit

1 RCD protection switch 2P 25A/30mA -A-
1 circuit breaker (MCB) 1P 10A -B-
1 pay meter system for 4 units
- Control consumption-dependent (KWh) calibrated -
4 HS2020 relays

Standard coin checker = 1€ coins

Special designs

e.g. tokens or 2€ coins


  • 435 mm 
  • 595 mm
  • 788 mm


  • 1560 mm 
  • 1615 mm

Functions of a pay meter column


The free socket is selected on the display using the keyboard. The coin acceptor specifies the kWh value after coins or tokens are inserted and releases the socket. The current kWh value appears in the display and is added to after each coin insertion (max. 99 coins). To check, the kWh value can be read off from the display and topped up as required.



The total consumption can be read off directly from the built-in electronic meter. The meters are calibrated, officially accredited and bear a test mark. This means that they can be used for billing purposes.



Behind a sealed flap in the area of the coin cassette, the kWh specification per coin or token can be modified by the operator at any time using the keyboard and display.


Additional function

The remaining values (kWh) can be deleted at any time manually by the operator or following a customised, pre-set time.