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Preventing accidents on construction sites is a top priority. With the use of cable bridges, you ensure more safety on construction sites. Especially when cables have to be laid across roadways and walkways. A cable bridge is used to protect cables and hoses from being crushed and damaged.

Our cable bridges are made of solid rubber and have a tread-resistant, non-slip surface. They are non-conductive and are characterised by a high mechanical load capacity. In addition, all cable bridges can be extended indefinitely by means of corresponding connecting pins. The cable routing is flexible and easy to handle. The cable bridge parts are available as straight and 30° bends - with 3 bend parts a 90° bend can be realised.

Due to the signal colour yellow, the cable bridges are easily recognisable everywhere and therefore ideal for use on construction sites. But also for all other areas of application where cables can cross traffic and walkways: in companies, on industrial sites, at events in the event and leisure sector. We offer the right solution for every application.

All advantages at a glance


  • Allows flexible cable routing

  • Can be extended without restrictions by means of connecting pins

  • Easy to recognise due to yellow signal colour

  • 1 to 5-channel cable gantries

  • Available as straight and in 30° bends

  • Slip-resistant, non-slip surface

  • Load capacity: up to 9 t axle load

  • NEW: Now also available as barrier-free cable gantries

1-channel cable bridges

1 Channel Cable Raceway


The 1-channel cable bridges can be used both outdoors and as floor channels indoors in industry, warehouses and offices, but are not suitable for road traffic. With its ribbed surface, the cable bridge is tread-proof and non-slip. The flat cable ramp allows pedestrians to cross easily and is even suitable for wheelchairs, as it is slightly sloped and rests as flat as possible on the floor.

2-channel cable bridges


The 2-channel cable bridges with yellow hinged cover enable simple and flexible cable entry.
The cable duct is suitable for 2 cables with an outer diameter of up to 80 mm and for 2 cables with an outer diameter of 23 mm.



4-channel cable bridges


The 4-channel cable bridges are also equipped with a yellow hinged cover and enable simple and flexible cable entry.
The cable bridge is specially designed for applications with 2 cables up to 50 mm and 2 cables up to 45 mm outer diameter.



5-channel cable bridges

The 5-channel cable bridges offer applications with smaller cable cross-sections (Ø up to 35mm) a cost-effective alternative to the 4-channel cable bridges. In addition, the 5-channel cable bridges are flatter and lighter in comparison and at the same time fulfil all the criteria of the 4-channel cable bridges and are thus suitable for heavy-duty traffic (9t axle load).

NOW NEW: Barrier-free cable bridges Particularly easy to drive over


We now also offer barrier-free cable bridges.
With an angle of inclination of 6°, these are particularly easy to drive over and ideal for easy crossing with wheelchairs, walkers, prams, etc. Thanks to the matching connecting pins, our cable bridges can be easily and quickly connected to other cable bridges and thus extended as desired.