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Charging infrastructure on construction sites Reliable and flexible charging with the R2Charger

A reliable and secure power supply is essential for the smooth operation of construction sites. This is also becoming increasingly important for the charging of electric vehicles on construction sites, as more and more service vehicles, as well as vehicles from customers or service providers, are electric. Additionally, there is a growing number of construction vehicles and machines, such as small wheel loaders with type 2 connections, so the demand for suitable charging options is continuously increasing.

The current supply of suitable charging infrastructure on site is still quite limited. Drivers of electric vehicles usually use their own charging cables and connect them to conventional power distributors for charging. The problem: power distributors are not explicitly designed for charging electric vehicles. This can quickly lead to an unwanted overload of the power distribution systems and, in the worst case, even to failures. For you as the operator, this means unplanned delays and additional costs. Additionally, the plug can be disconnected at any time, interrupting the charging process. Furthermore, you do not have the possibility to clearly separate the total power consumption for the incurred charging processes.

In addition, harsh environmental and weather conditions prevail on construction sites, and various regulations and standards must be strictly adhered to. Therefore, you need an adequate charging solution that is suitable for construction sites, operationally safe, and also flexible. Our R2Charger provides you with the appropriate solution for this. Our new charging station is specially designed for the special needs of construction sites!



Product highlights


Construction site suitable charging solution
Precisely defined and reliable, exclusively for charging electric vehicles.



Plug `n`Charge
For easy and user-friendly charging.




Meets all essential requirements
Enables a cost-effective entry into the topic of charging on construction sites.



Integration into existing
construction site logistics.

Absolutely flexible handling and usable everywhere.



Increased operational safety.
With thermal magnetic circuit breakers
and integrated RCD and line protection switches.


Our solutions for construction sites For a comprehensive power distribution

User-friendly, reliable, and flexible charging


With the R2Charger, two electric vehicles can be charged at the same time. The R2Charger has two permanently attached 5-meter type 2 charging cables that can be neatly stored in brackets in the door. Each charging point provides a maximum power of 11 kW. The user-friendly plug 'n' charge technology enables the user to charge easily and without any complications.

 The thermal-magnetic circuit breaker as well as the integrated RCD and circuit protection devices ensure high electrical safety. As an operator, your are thus preventing that may arise from charging at unsuitable distributors. In addition, a DC fault current detection is included to protect against direct fault currents. In case of a communication failure on the vehicle side, the auto-reset function takes effect.

The robust distribution housing can be seamlessly integrated into your existing construction site logistics and is absolutely flexible to use. You can set up the R2Charger wherever it is needed for charging.

Therefore, the R2Charger is the perfect solution for you when it comes to reliable and easy charging of electric vehicles on construction sites!

Product characteristics