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accessories and release


Lighting modules

Lighting is integrated into the roof and is used as an orientation light for the operating sides. The energy-saving LEDs are activated using twilight switches.

Ready-to-use foundations

Foundations made from stainless steel are the alternative for setting up the CUBEs on a solid surface. This ensures maximum stability at all times.

Individual cladding and painting

Design of the CUBEs in the customer's design creates a powerful advertising effect and generates positive attention that remains in the public eye all year round.


Coin-deposit lock

Battery charging begins after the coin is inserted and the door is closed. When the door is opened, the coin is returned and battery charging stops.


Coin-operated locking system

Battery charging begins when the coin is inserted and the door is closed, and ends when the door is opened again. The coin remains in the cash compartment and is removed by the operating using a key.