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PROCON housings are made from die cast aluminium, die cast zinc and glass fibre-reinforced polyamide. A seawater-resistant special aluminium die cast alloy is used for the BHT series. The aluminium housing is given a high-quality powder coating in grey for standard applications, black for increased environmental requirements (BHT series) and silver for electromagnetic compatibility.

Housing heights and widths


Different housing heights, both for fixed-installation and mobile housings, offer adequate connection space for large cable cross-sections and duct the resulting lost heat via the larger surface.

Double-width PROCON housing (series A32, B32 and B48) allow two contact inserts to be accommodated in one housing. This means that, for example, 6 x 35 A power and 72 x signal and control pulses can be transferred simultaneously.

Base housings


PROCON base housings are ideal for fixed installation in switching cabinets and on industrial equipment. They are optionally available with permanently hinged plastic or aluminium protective covers to guard against dust and dirt when the plug connections are separated. For individual requirements, the user can choose between a low and high construction height, as well as different cable inlet options and locking systems.

Panel housings


PROCON panel housings are especially ideal for fixed installation in switching cabinets. The cable is inserted through the open housing base. This housing is also available in a high and low construction height with various locking technologies and optionally with fixed-hinge protective covers.

Coupling housings


PROCON coupling housings are portable housings with straight or lateral cable inlet options in a high or low construction height. Different locking systems allow customised applications.

Sleeve housings


PROCON sleeve housings are available as standard in different heights with one or two cable inlets. For individual applications, the cable inlets vary in size and number as required by the customer. This means that it does not matter if the inlets are to be provided at the top, on the side or at the front.

Plastic housings


PROCON plastic housings are available as base, panel, coupling and sleeve housings. Both the housing and the locking clips are made from glass fibre-reinforced polyamide. In addition to the compatibility with aluminium housings, the plastic housings in the B6 - B24 series impress with their lower weight. A reduced variety of parts with different usage options allows greater flexibility for installation and also reduces storage costs.


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Locking technologies


PROCON housings are available in various series, including with different locking systems for various requirements. The ergonomically shaped handles ensure easy operability. In addition to plastic clips with integrated locking elements made from stainless steel, housings with metal locking clips are also available. In the event of damage or fatigue, the plastic clips on series A3 and B6 - B24 can be replaced easily and inexpensively.

Lateral locking IP65


Housings with lateral locking are equipped with two lateral clips and are therefore suitable as space-saving solutions for series installation.

Longitudinal locking IP65


Housings with longitudinal locking are equipped with a clip on the front. This allows single-handed operation.

Central locking IP65


With central locking, the clip is mounted on the upper part. This creates a space-saving structure. It is ideal for sideways arrangements.

Screw locking IP68


Screw locks (two M6 screws) are secured with a screwdriver, achieving the highest IP68 protection category as a result. Thanks to the actuation with tools, unauthorised opening is made more difficult.

[Translate to Englisch:] Bajonettverriegelung IP67
Bayonet locking IP67


The bayonet lock is a connection of two cylindrical pins in their longitudinal axis. The housing is locked with a push and turn movement.

Housing protection

Protective cover


Protective covers offers contact protection, as well as protection against dust and water ingress, to open plug connections. They are made from aluminium or plastic and equipped with a rubber seal and catch cord to prevent loss. For housings with lateral and longitudinal locking technology, the protective covers are available as accessories.

Protective cover with longitudinal locking clip
Protective cover with lateral locking cam
Protective cover with lateral locking clip
Aluminium spring cover for longitudinal locking
Plastic spring cover for longitudinal locking

Hinged safety covers


Hinged safety covers are also made from aluminium or plastic. They are secured to housings with longitudinal locking and are simply folded out of the way when plugs are being connected. Hinged safety covers are only used with longitudinal locking technology and are also available as accessories.

Screw connections


PROCON housings are available with and without screw connections. Screw connections are available as accessories in sizes Pg 11 - Pg 42 or M 20 - M 50.


Push screw with sealing ring can be cut out with pressure rings
Full screw connections
Special screw connections
Push screw with strain relief
Dummy plugs
EMC screw connection