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WALTHER-WERKE delivers charging stations for electric vehicles to Thuringia

WALTHER-WERKE delivers charging stations for electric vehicles to Thuringia

Local-authority energy suppliers plan to set up to around 370 charging stations in Thuringia by 2020
At the press conference to mark the roll-out of the public charging infrastructure for electromobility in Thuringia, the relevant overall concept for a viable, Thuringia-wide charging infrastructure was set out. Attended by Thuringia's environment minister Anja Siegesmund, a charging station from Walther-Werke was commissioned for the Apolda horticultural show, marking the official start of the expansion of the charging station network. 34 project partners - including all of Thuringia's municipal utilities and energy suppliers - have joined forces to set up a public network comprising around 370 power charging stations in Thuringia by 2020. The overall concept includes a charging technology used by all of the energy suppliers, a standardised access and billing system and a grid coordinated state-wide for the exact choice of location for new electricity charging points.

"We are networking the whole of Thuringia", explains Manfred Frenger, Head of the E-Mobility Business Unit at Walther. "I'm delighted that we have been chosen with our charging stations and wall boxes as the central partner for Thuringia's municipal utilities and the expansion of their charging infrastructure." This is a significant contribution to the forthcoming nationwide expansion of electromobility, supported by national and state funding programmes.

As a company from the Rhineland-Palatinate region and a pioneer in electromobility, Walther already has numerous charging stations in operation, for example in Kaiserslautern (e.g. Globus, SWK, John Deere, Handwerkskammer, KSK-Elektro, Verein eMobilität für Kaiserslautern, e.V., etc.) and in the surrounding towns (Eisenberg, Grünstadt, Hettenleidelheim, Speyer, Schifferstadt, Landau, etc.) together with the energy suppliers Pfalzwerke, Kaiserslautern municipal utilities, Ludwigshafen technical facilities, etc.).

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WALTHER-WERKE delivers charging stations for electric vehicles to Thuringia